Trends in Health Service Use for Canadian Adults With Dementia and Parkinson Disease During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 2022
Journal: JAMA Health Forum
All Authors: Susan E. Bronskill, Laura C. Maclagan, Coleen J. Maxwell, Andrea Iaboni, Liisa Jaakkimainen, Connie Marras, Xuesong Wang, Jun Guan, Daniel A. Harris, Abby Emdin, Aaron Jones, Nadia Sourial, Claire Godard-Sebillotte, Isabelle Vedel, Peter C. Austin, Richard H. Swartz

Was the COVID-19 pandemic associated with changes in health service use and mortality among community-dwelling people living with dementia and Parkinson disease compared with older adults?

In this population-based repeated cross-sectional analysis, large declines in hospital use and nursing home admission were experienced across all groups examined. After the first COVID-19 wave, most services returned to historical levels, with physician visits elevated and mostly taking place virtually, nursing home admissions reduced, and a increased all-cause mortality rate.